As ARC certified specialists we can take care of all aspects of your vehicle’s A/C system. Our new and modern equipment has what it takes to keep you cool this summer, while keeping the environment safe. If your air conditioning system is no longer keeping you cool we can fix it.


    Brakes are your cars first line of defence on the roads. If your car is not stopping as well as it should or the brakes are squealing or shuddering you could be putting the safety of yourself and those around you at risk. Worn or poor quality components can cause loss of braking performance. We value safety so we only fit high quality components suited to your vehicle and its use. Correctly maintained braking systems ensure your safety as well as the people you love.


    Worn or faulty clutches on manual vehicles have a significant impact on drivability. Not attending to clutch problems can cause breakdowns and damage to the transmission. If you are having any trouble with your manual transmission we can check or repair your clutch system. We can source high quality aftermarket replacement parts and depending on the application single mass conversion kits.


    We include a free safety check with all services and they remain valid for six months. Now there is no need to come for a rego check in between services, saving you time and money.


    Modern vehicles use electronic technology to run all aspects of vehicle performance. Having the right diagnostic equipment for cars is the key to repairing them quickly and efficiently. We are equipped to diagnose and rectify most makes and models system problems. We combine our extensive diagnostic knowledge and experience to get your car fixed and on the road quickly.


    Our team has the experience, knowledge and equipment to fix all aspects of your car. No job is too big or too small. From total engine overhauls to fixing broken headlights we have it covered. Our buying networks mean that we can get both genuine or high quality non genuine parts fast which gets you back on the road quickly.


    We can help you to get the best performance out of your car. Prevention is better than a cure and a well maintained car will save you money in the long run. A well performing car will use less petrol and oil. It also means that the systems are functioning correctly ensuring you have less problems over the life of the car. With over 20 years’ experience working on turbocharged vehicles, we have the know how to extract that extra performance you want whilst retaining the reliability and economy you need.


    Get piece of mind around your car purchase, avoid buying someone else’s problems. With the complexity of modern vehicles a pre purchase check is cheap insurance. We will provide you with a detailed list of issues and advice so you know exactly what you’re dealing with. in this way you can make an informed decision regarding your next car.


    We make servicing as easy as possible by offering convenient drop off and pick up times as well as free loan cars. We protect your warranty by ensuring all manufacturers specifications are followed. We use either genuine or high quality non-genuine parts to maintain our high quality standards.


    If your car isn’t steering properly, or has noises over bumps it can often be sign that your suspension system is in need of attention. There is a lot more to you vehicles steering and suspension than just shock absorbers, all too often we hear “my shocks are gone” when in fact something else entirely is the cause of the fault. We have a lot of experience in fixing steering and suspension systems, we will find the cause of your issues and replace the right parts first time.

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